Customer Care Team - thanks for the re-supply of Tougher than Pain. I use it to keep the arthritis in my hands in check so I can keep playing golf - I'm in my late 70s. A couple of retired orthopedic surgeons turned me on to "Tougher than Pain" and I think they regret it - they take less of my money in the 19th hole 😉.
I'll recommend it to my buds. Thanks

John B, San Diego

I love the roll-on version. I have tried other topical CBD products but I think they are probably diluted or do not contain the amount of CBD that they advertise, because they do not work as your product does. I was wondering if you have a bulk discount rate because I was thinking of giving your roll-on as a holiday gift. Thanks,

Miriam B Santa Monica, Ca.

I had to move closer to the family because my pain issues had me isolated to the point where I was unable to take care of myself. I was eating crackers because I could no longer cook my hands were in so much pain. I have an overactive nerve disease along with rheumatoid arthritis. I had to move in with my sister while I looked for a permanent place to live, which was difficult because of my pain issues. One day she came home with tougher than pain and told me to try it. I’ve tried everything over the last 35 years of living with chronic pain. I was excited because it had CBD which is proven to help nerve pain. I used it and felt such relief!! I love the heat it generates on my joints! The relief in just a few minutes and the fact that the heat keeps working for hours after is one miracle for me. The other is that I feel better. For instance yesterday my knuckles in my hand hurt so bad all I could do was sit and do nothing… I put your product on and in just a few minutes I was able to pick up a pen and paper and start writing. Normally I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the kind of pain I experience but I’m getting the best night's sleep I’ve had in years!! This morning my knuckles were so much better!! So it’s not just the instant relief that’s so amazing, it’s the long-lasting relief that I’m finding. Tougher than pain has been such a gift in my life!! Thank you so much!! My sincere and grateful appreciation!!!!”

Cynthia P

“My husband has carpal tunnel syndrome and has been wearing a brace around his wrist for months. He used your product on his wrist and he hasn't had to wear his brace for some time now. The pain goes away shortly after applying. He is 67 and hikes up mountains and at times gets a sore back but again, he applies Tougher Than Pain and the pain subsides and he is able to go on his hike. I volunteer at a hospital gift shop where they sell your product and word of mouth got around and we sold out in a week because it works! Thank you, thank you!”

Norma H

“I had over-worked my shoulder trimming trees with a chainsaw. I was especially concerned about it because of my repaired rotator cuff three years earlier. I applied Tougher Than Pain twice daily right on the sore spots and I took it easy for a week or two. It felt better after application and now I'm back to normal, no pain at all.”

Will K

“It (Tougher Than Pain) works really well, a little messy when applying, so I use it as a massage oil.” (TTP Note: If you shake it up prior to use, it will be less messy)

Leticia R

“TTP (Tougher Than Pain) has been a great product for me. I ruptured a disk in my lower back which has caused considerable pain. TTP eases the pain and numbs the area a bit. I tried a few different products and this (Tougher Than Pain) works the best for me! Thanks!”

Mark W

“I am delighted to help spread the word about Tougher Than Pain. It helps me every day with my double fusion pain from last year.”

Peter G

“My friend gave me the 90 ml Tougher Than Pain back and body gel roll-on to try out. I am a Board Certified Neurosurgeon. I have never used a product that gave me so much pain relief so that I can play golf. TOUGHER THAN PAIN Back and Body Gel Roll-on was very helpful when I had played 5 rounds of golf at Bandon Dunes, Oregon on the first weekend of November 2018. I am an active 80-year-old with degenerative osteoarthritis (mostly involving my lumbar and cervical spines, both knees, and all digits of both hands), and this is associated with chronic pain involving the above joints. I stretch and exercise daily so that I can play golf. Application of this product containing CBD gave me a warm feeling to the above joints and helped to decrease my chronic pain level (which increases with playing golf, increases in the morning upon awakening, and increases sometimes in evenings after normal day's activities). Normally, I am taking pain medications when my pain level is above 7/10 (on 10 scale level, 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain level). In general, I can tolerate playing 18 holes of golf twice per week and on rare occasions, three times per week since this activity will flare-up my symptoms. When I played at Brandon Dunes, I applied the TOUGHER THAN PAIN to my back, neck, and knees before playing each round, and again after showering. My chronic pain level is 6-7/10 on my back and hand digits upon awakening daily until I stretch and become active, then my chronic pain level decreases to a tolerable level of 3-5/10 pain level during the day. However, when I play golf or do any light physical work, my chronic level will increase to 7+/10 level especially on my lower back and right knee. I discovered that when I had applied TOUGHER THAN PAIN to the above painful joints before golfing and after golfing that I did not experience the 7+/10 pain level instead I was experiencing a tolerable pain level of less than 3/10, a level to allow me to play golf and enjoy the golf outing with my golfing buddies without taking any other pain medications. I highly recommend this topical product for anyone with chronic pain related to degenerative osteoarthritis. By the way, two of my golfing buddies in their mid-forties applied TOUGHER THAN PAIN on their back because of the pain after playing golf. They both want to know how they can order this topical product.”

Archimedes R, MD, FAANS (Board Certified Neurosurgeon)

I've been using your Tougher Than Pain on my knee pain, and it is an amazing help. I have a tough time taking pain pills…so very glad to have your roll-on! I gave one of my travel-size bottles to a friend for knee pain and she loves it. I tried your Neuropathy Cream on my hands and neck. It really helps. It's really good stuff!

Gwendolyn G, Orange County, CA

Hi, I have lower back pain and it goes down through my legs to the toes. Sometimes I feel numbness and tingling. I'm doing some exercises and stretching which help for some level but the pain doesn't go at all. I was advised by a close friend to try “Tougher Than Pain”. I did try it and it is a miracle. Using “Tougher Than Pain” didn't cure me but it made the pain disappear for 10-12 hours. I applied it on my lower back, the pain disappeared as if I took a pain killer but Tougher Than Pain” has stronger effects and lasts more than the pain killer. It worked perfectly for me and I prefer applying something on my skin rather than swallowing into my stomach. Thank you for creating such a great formula that provides relief to whoever is in pain.

Faissel G

I want to thank you for your product. I would like to state that for several weeks I have been suffering pain in my hand and wrist. I used your Tougher Than Pain, and it completely took all the pain away. It has been over a week, and the pain has not returned. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you again.

Danny O, Placentia, CA

Letting you know that I received my product. I purchased Tougher Than Pain" from my pharmacy and was thrilled to find that it surpassed the product I was using in relieving my pain. I have diabetic neuropathy and neuropathy in my entire left leg. I was running low on the product, went online, and found buybsu.com; I purchased 3 rolls on items because of the price and delivery service. I use a walker and now keep 1 in my walker, 1 in the car, and 1 at home. I never want to be far from “Tougher Than Pain”; I also use it in areas that I have arthritis. It is long-lasting and allows me to function at a higher level than before I used the product. I say to anyone reading this, to try the product and you too may feel an improvement in the reduction of pain, which leads to a better overall attitude about yourself.

Jesse R, West Hills, CA

“I tried it (Tougher Than Pain) because I have excruciating pain in my lower back and hips. It is not fixable. The pain is due to a wreck I was in about 11 years ago while pregnant with my now 10-year-old daughter. They couldn't do x-rays for obvious reasons so I just dealt with the pain. Life happened and I never really followed up on it. So this left me constantly searching for pain relief. I am also not OK with being on pain pills so this left me searching and just dealing with it for years. Until I was on Facebook and saw an ad for Tougher Than Pain. I was intrigued. I ordered the product and patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail. The day it came, I opened the package, and tried it out. I was immediately amazed at the relief I felt. Over the last few weeks, I have used this so much my husband calls it my holy grail of pain relief LOL!! I am a very firm believer in Tougher Than Pain, it will forever be a staple in my medicine cabinet.”

Kirsten M

“I love the product (Tougher Than Pain)! Immediate relief on both my shoulder and hand. Thanks!”

John M

“I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and thoracic area and this product (Tougher Than Pain) gives me hours of relief!!!”

Jo-Ann C

“Tougher Than Pain is the most amazing product I have ever used. It works better than anything I've tried. All you do is roll it on and the pain is relieved for hours if not completely gone. So now I can keep playing sports even if I have pain because, with Tougher Than Pain, it's no longer a problem.”

Shelly L

“I love TTP. I woke this morning my birthday feeling old my back was really bad. I put TTP on and it really helps me.”

Kathy K

“I use Tougher Than Pain for my daily pains, but the other day I dislocated my shoulder and Tougher Than Pain was the only thing that got me through the night and allowed me to get to sleep.”

Mike C

Tougher Than Pain (TTP) is one of the best things I've found for my foot neuropathy. Thank you.

Barb T