As a manufacturer and distributor of topical pain and stress relief products, we hear so many stories from people across America who are really hurting and need help and support during this extraordinary time we are living through. What we are hearing is…
“I suffer from lower back pain and being stuck at home, it is the only thing I think about. It’s driving me crazy!”
“I have terrible pain in my hips caused by a car accident. When I was active, it didn’t seem to bother me as much, but I was “laid-off” in March, and not being able to stay active has almost made a cripple out of me. I am in pain all the time and I feel my body is deteriorating.”
“I have 3 small children and we are stuck in a small apartment. The stress and anxiety are driving me crazy. I am feeling stress pain throughout my body, especially in my shoulders. I need something to help me relieve the pain and stress and I don’t want to take depressants.”
During this time of isolation and emotional distress, pain, and muscle stress can have a detrimental effect on virtually every aspect of a person’s life. Nothing replaces the advice you get from your professional caregivers, but we believe relief from these issues even for a few hours can make a huge difference both physically and mentally.
I believe that Tougher Than Pain is not just pain relief, it’s also “improve your life relief”!
We are currently offering a Sampler bottle of Tougher Than Pain-FREE for you to try. We need to cover our shipping costs ($4.95) but we will send you a Discount Code for 15% off a full-size bottle and free delivery in the U.S. Day or night, we truly believe it will help you have less pain and stress in your life!