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Who We Are!

About Us

Our mission is to offer topical Hospital Grade natural and organic products that enhance your body’s natural healing process! Help relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Depression and your ability to relax and sleep better! We offer products that remove as much pain and muscle tension from your life as possible! Our Tougher Than Pain™© and NeuroRub™© brands help enhance your ability to Work Better! Play Better! And Love Life Better!

Our ingredients are sourced from plants, shrubs, trees, and succulents. Our goal is to be Safer, Better and Longer Lasting than the products we compete against. We try never to use ingredients that are potentially harmful to you. BSU Health Care and the brands we offer were created to offer you the very best topical skin and body care products, featuring the finest ingredients at the best possible prices. We care for our users and guarantee our products will do what we say they will, and your body will love you for using them!

About CEO

My name is Gary Scaife, CEO of buybsu.com. Like me, if you are one of the 35+ million people in the United States who suffer from Burning Pain, Pins and Needles Piercing Sensation, Numbness in your Feet and Hands, and Loss of Balance Associated with Diabetic & Peripheral Neuropathy, you need to try this product.

I have tried dozens of relief formulations that were useless or helped a little…but lasted about 30 minutes. That was until I tried this formulation; not only did it help relieve all the symptoms I was suffering from, but it lasted for several hours! When I discovered the same formulation was used to help patients in over 300 hospitals nationally, I had to bring it to all of you!

Don’t listen to CareGivers tell you, “you just have to live with it!”

Don’t take over-the-counter pills that cause long-term stomach and intestinal problems!

I personally guarantee that our NeuroRub “Neuropathy Soothing Relief Cream” will help you get through the day (and night) better than any other topical relief product you have ever used, or we will return your money!*

Our Health Board

EVERY INGREDIENT we use, EVERY WORD we write, and EVERY PRODUCT we offer is reviewed by the BSUhealthcare Advisory Board directed by DR. DAVID DANG, MD of Internal Medicine and a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

About Our Brands

Tougher Than Pain

Multiple Sizes available

Tougher Than Pain our first product developed in 2017, helps thousands of men and women including many of our website visitors. Available in a roll-on gel, a 30ml travel bottle, and a fantastic lotion, this wellness line relieves everyday aches and pains anywhere your body needs it! From joint pain to inflammation pain, we have lots of competitors, but when it comes to the best ingredients, how fast the relief works, and how long it lasts to keep you pain-free, we have no competition.


Currently available in 3 amazing products:

Back Pain is a significant contributor to productivity and healthcare costs in the workplace.

*The cost to employers for just back pain is estimated at $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 per employee annually.

*Because back pain often exists with other symptoms, such as depression and chronic fatigue, it means back pain sufferers are among the most expensive employees.

*Back Pain is the leading cause of work-related disability in the US.

BSU HealthCare can significantly reduce the cost to employers of back pain medical costs & increase productivity, GUARANTEED!!!