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What Is A Day Without Pain? PRICELESS!

We all experience ACHES and PAINS, from hard work, exercise, muscle cramps, and damaging problems including arthritis and neuropathy. We experience more STRESS today than ever before which causes multiple ACHES and SLEEPLESS nights. At BSU Health Care, thousands of people every day use our products in hospitals, chiropractic offices, massage Therapists, in Spas, and at home to help ease pain, stress, and life born anxieties.

At BSU Health Care a life with less PAIN and STRESS means everything to us!


Find your questions and answers here or contact us and we will help you:

Q: What is your return policy?

A: believes 100% in the products we offer our customers. We want you to know that your satisfaction is very important to us. We want you to be completely satisfied in trying our products with our 100% “TRY IT” 30 Day Guarantee! Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for a full list of terms. 

Q: Where can I buy a Tougher Than Pain and NeuroRub produc?

A: TTP is one of the fastest-growing topical pain relief products in the U.S. We receive orders from specialty retailers and body care professionals every day.

NR is a fast-growing Hospital Grade line of multiple creams, lotions, and gels for DIRECT NEED issues such as Neuropathy, Inflammation, Muscle Strain, and Cramping. We receive orders from Hospitals, Independent Pharmacies, Chiropractors, and other body care professionals every day.

But for Best Results, we suggest you place your order with us here at You receive FREE Delivery in the U.S., and your purchase is delivered within a day or two of receiving your order.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy any BSU Health Care product?

A: No, you do not need a prescription. 

Q: How does Tougher Than Pain and NeuroRub products work to help relieve pain and sufferings they are created for?

A: BSU Health Care products contain the most natural ingredients of any Health and Wellness formulations on the market. Inflammation is the #1 cause of most pain issues. Our pain and stress-related products contain multiple anti-inflammatory ingredients. Our products also contain important ingredients as ant-oxidants, natural pain-relieving properties, and antiseptic anti-bacterial agents. This, along with sophisticated proprietary delivery systems, work together to help relieve your issues of need faster and longer than any topical organic and natural formulations on the market.

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